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Happy Life The JJ Way, Issue #48 -
March 09, 2020

Keep Calm and Live Life Happy

Hi, and the warmest of welcomes to "Happy Life The JJ Way".

I hope you have been keeping well and happy while my happy life has taken on several twists and turns. My word! I don't look like this anymore! Maybe you have also changed since we last connected. You can keep in touch with me on Facebook so please don't hesitate to drop me line and let me know how your Happy Life is progressing. I love hearing from you.

Keep Calm and Live Life Happy

In Melbourne, Australia we have been enjoying a long weekend this weekend. I have been away for the weekend and as is often the case, arrived home feeling tired and not fit for human eyes. However, I was also inspired to put finger to keyboard NOW to remind you of the futility of panic. If you would rather see me looking unfit for human eyes than keep reading see my Keep Calm and Live Life Happy video here. Keep Calm and Live Life Happy Fear is an insidious emotion, gripping us by the throat if we allow it, and scattering reason to the wind. It is very easy to be overcome by fear and it's even more powerful friend, panic. Together they are dancing across our beautiful blue planet, laughing jubilantly as they witness the aftermath of their dastardly work. Both of them will take over our lives if we allow them. IF. WE. ALLOW.

But we don't have to allow them. We can remember that WE are in charge of our thoughts if we choose to be.

Win the battle

If you feel that you are losing the battle with fear and panic - get a grip. Take two deep breaths, relax and remember all that you have for which to be grateful. Now think about this moment. Do you have a roof over your head, clothes to wear and food in your fridge and cupboards? Do you have people around you to love, laugh with and whose company you enjoy?

What else do you have in this moment?

Whatever happens in the coming months will happen. You can choose to either enjoy what you have or let fear and panic have their way with you.

This moment is the secret to overcoming fear and panic.

Choose your focus. Find the positive. This link might help page-happy-life-quotes

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Until next month, Live Life Happy!


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