Hi <>, and the warmest of welcomes to "Happy Life The JJ Way". I can't believe it's already a month since the launch of this newsletter! Well, I've obviously been having LOTS of fun! I have to take this opportunity to thank you all so much for the lovely feedback I've received - regarding both "JJ Way" (didn't take me long to shorten the name, did it?!) and the "Happy Life" site. It's quite scary when you pour your heart and soul into something and then put it 'out there', having no idea how it will be received. For all I knew people may have thought it was rubbish, but apparently not, according to many of you. So from the bottom of my heart, I REALLY appreciate it. Keep the feedback coming, not just the good stuff - I'm open to ideas for content as well.

I couldn't overlook the fact that today is yet another new beginning for all of us, so of course this month's article is all about $$$$$$$$!


Any opportunity to take a step closer to a Happy Life should be grasped tightly and implemented asap.

So I apologize if this is inconvenient for you, but if you've been letting your money run wild, or walk all over you, it's time to get your head out of the sand and take control!!

While money can't buy happiness, it IS difficult to live a Happy Life without Happy Money.

Today is July 1. The first day of FY09 (technical term!). How are your finances looking?

Are they neatly organised, complete with regular savings plan and provisions for future expenses? Or are you living on the edge, hoping your bills all get lost in the mail until you can beg, borrow or steal enough cash to pay them?

You don't HAVE to be living this roller-coaster ride!

Make today count as the day you start your new financial future. This time next year you could be enjoying looking after your money. How would you like to be watching your bank account or investments grow, rather than feeling sick to your stomach every time you go to your mailbox?

Taking the minimum average wage of $550.00 for example, if you saved just 10% of your pay, you would have $2860.00 in the bank this time next year (without interest). If you had that money in a high interest account (7%) you'd earn $200.00 in interest - money for nothing! So, without too much inconvenience (you'd hardly miss $55 per week) by July 01/09 you could have $3000.00 sitting in the bank, or otherwise working for you. It's not hard to save. You just need to take small steps regularly. If you really would miss $55 per week, think of a way to bring in extra income (there's thousands of 'em!) but don't forget to save 10% of that income, too.

If you're already way ahead of the game, what New Year's resolution is applicable for you to implement today?

Is there a new investment you've been meaning to investigate, or implement? Just do it!

Have a look at the new Happy Money pages on your Happy Life site. There's lots more to come, but enough to inspire you to start.


Here are five things you can do NOW to put yourself on Happy Money Highway:

1. Pay yourself first.

This is imperative! If you ignore everything else I say, implement this strategy! Who would you rather see getting rich? Yourself or the plasma screen or shoe retailer? Take 10% of everything you earn and bank it in the highest interest account you can find. Then......don't touch it! Not for holidays, cars, homes or anything other than to make it work harder for you. This money will eventually make you an income if you keep your hands off it. To remind you of it's purpose call your account "wealth" and don't touch it for any other reason. You'll be amazed at how quickly it grows (and you start feeling rich!).

2. Contribute to your superannuation - especially if you're Australian and earn less than $58,980 p.a.

Far be it for me to insult my readers, but guys, if you don't do this you'd have to be puffin muffins! It's money for FREE!!. Let me spell it out in case you haven't heard.......the Government will GIVE YOU up to $1.50 for every $1.00 you contribute to your own superannuation account. It's on a sliding scale with the maximum benefit being $1500.00 for those earning $28,980 or less. So, if you're not contributing anything at the moment, and depending on your earnings, your super could be $2500.00 better off next year! How will that look in twenty years?! Why would you not? Contact your super company if you don't believe me, and arrange your contribution NOW.

3. Implement another income stream

All (well, the ones I've studied!) the gurus strongly suggest having in place multiple streams of income. Shares, real estate and business are the usual suspects. However, for you it could start with any kind of second income - pamphlet walking, dog washing, house sitting, Tupperware!

4. Own your own business

It doesn't have to be BHP - you could start with something small (Tupperware again!). The tax breaks available to business owners (and unavailable to employees) makes owning a business an attractive thoroughfare to Happy Money Highway.

5. Learn, Learn, Learn

Subscribe to money magazines, attend seminars, read all the wealth books you can lay your hands on. Be open to learning, and determined to stay on Happy Money Highway.

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If you're in need of some inspiration (or you know someone else who is) my book, The Path To Success is chock-ful of tools, motivation and secrets to steer you toward that oft-mentioned highway. Reading the success secrets of real people, rather than just theories, is so inspiring!

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Until next month, I wish you a Happy Life,

Jackie xxx