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I was out walking yesterday in the early spring (so still very wintry) of the southern hemisphere and while I walked I was thinking about this newsletter. If you haven't seen where I'm lucky enough to walk to every day, check out my happy snaps

Having just received a shipment of my second literary marvel, I knew I wanted to talk to you about my favourite subject - gratitude - but wasn't quite sure what I wanted to say.

Then it dawned on me that some people are not aware that they have anything for which to be grateful. But they DO. Yesterday I was walking under gloomy skies filled with big, billowy, threatening dark clouds, and for some people this is how they view life - always focusing on the fear and danger. But I was able to enjoy the huge dark clouds (I was grateful for them alone - I like gloomy!) because I was fully aware that above them the sun was shining. We don't always have a bird's eye view of the good in our life, sometimes we have to search. But that search will always come up trumps. I likened the sun shining, to having something for which to be grateful. Just as we can be assured that somewhere the sun is always shining, we can also be sure that we ALWAYS have something for which to be grateful - even if it is just the fact we have eyes with which to read this drivel!

When you choose to focus on what you HAVE rather than what you HAVE NOT, or what your partner IS rather than what they are NOT, and feel grateful for what you have - voila! You feel happy. Try it. You can choose to go through life feeling threatened by the gloom, or turn your face to the sun. Your life. Your choice. Hint: I am The Happiest Person I Know - ask me which one I choose.

The 'G' Spot - The Ecstasy of Life Through Gratitude

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In 2008, I answered a call for submissions to a book on gratitude. As gratitude is one of the best secrets to happiness, and one of my favourite subjects, AND the piece I wrote about my own gratitude in August 08 Celebration of a Mess is also one of my favourites - I submitted it to a lady called Sumner Davenport for her book. She wrote back that while she loved my story, it illustrated that I was already grateful. Her book was more for people having trouble finding their gratitude due to the pain they were suffering. Would I like to re-submit?

Well.....this was a big ask. This Happy Person then had to don a miner's hat, complete with big, bright light, climb down into the depths of her despair, where no man had gone before, and attempt to show Sumner's readers the way back to the light. Though it wasn't a pleasant experience, I thought if I found one lost person and brought them to a place of gratitude, the pain will have been worth it. It's funny, you write this stuff and send it off with no idea of how it will be received.

I have had some lovely feedback from "The 'G' Spot - The Ecstasy of Life Through Gratitude" which is very gratifying, none more so than from Sumner herself: see Happy Events

But enough about me - what about you? Are you living a life of ecstasy through gratitude? Are you still smiling through your less-than-perfect yet Happy Life? Do you need some help to find the light of gratitude - one of the best happiness secrets? Unless you feel grateful on a regular basis, happiness will elude you.

"This book is not your typical book about gratitude. This book is for the cynic, the hopeless, the happy and the already grateful.

This book will not tell you how you must believe or behave with gratitude. Hopefully it will give you food for thought. The message in this book invites you on a self discovery journey sometimes through other perspectives and opinions. That journey will either strengthen what you already believe or will provide you answers you may not have consciously been aware that you were seeking."

Because you are my dear and loyal readers, and I love each and every one of you, for one week only I'm giving you the chance to get your hands on "The 'G' Spot" at a subscriber special price, before I release it to the world on my Happy Products page.

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From Lucia...

We in the western world have SO MUCH to be grateful for! Becoming conscious of this fact, and FEELING the associated gratitude is living your life in the light of the divine.

There is no room for fear, malice in the grateful heart. Of course, there are lessons to be learned - that is why we are here. These lessons are sometimes learned through pain, suffering, trial and tribulation. But being conscious of the lessons within the pain allows us to learn, grow and move on. Usually the learning doesn't become apparent for some time after the event. Hindsight allows us to be grateful for the lesson. Love

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Never Work A Day In Your Life


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Why Am I The Happiest Person I Know?

When I was given an opportunity to share my message with the world, through my first publication The Path To Success I thought it may be my only opportunity, ever. So I thought long and hard about the number one reason I am The Happiest Person I Know. If I could only share one message with the world, which would be the most important?

The answer is my contribution to The Path To Success and it is my fervent wish that you read it, take my message on board, and become The Happiest Person You Know!

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