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The good news is for those of us down under, we only have one more month until spring.YAY!!! I really come alive when that hint of spring is in the air. In the meantime, enjoy the footy/ski season, soups, pastas, and the aroma of airing laundry.

I had a wonderful day yesterday! One of my dear clients wrote to tell me "I'm still feeling more content than I have in ages", and another, who isn't really even a client, inspired me to tell you about one of my services, the Happiness Checkup.


Have you ever been having a conversation with someone and "ting" the light has gone on for you? Suddenly you see something from a whole new perspective.

Or have you attended a seminar and left with one profound idea which really resonated with you?

I'm sure we've all had this experience, and sometimes it leaves us thinking, "but I already knew that - why did I have to hear it from that person for it to have such an impact?". Of course sometimes we haven't ever heard it before, and that is why the impact is so great.

Over the years I've lost count of the times people have said to me "just one thing you said made a huge difference to me/inspired me/changed my life."

With this phenomenon in mind, and being conscious of the commitment required to hire a Life Mentor/coach (even though my fees are extremely reasonable!) I decided to offer a sample of mentoring at a rock-bottom price.

During this sample session, which I've labeled a Happiness Checkup we take a quick snap shot of the different areas of your life, and inspire you with two to three ideas to face you in the direction of your Happy Life. The twenty-to-thirty-minute Happiness Checkup is available to you no matter where you live.

If you have access to a telephone or the internet, and you speak English, we can put you on the path to your Happy Life.

Oh, and did I mention that this quick consultation also has the power to change your life?

Don't believe me?

Let me introduce Daz......

Daz purchased a Happiness Checkup by phone for the princely sum of US$49.95.

His description of his life was "in the toilet".

During the Happiness Checkup the accuracy of his description became apparent, and I really wanted to help this person who had the courage to take action and reach out for help.

Several weeks elapsed during which I thought of him often, hoping he was still holding it all together. Yesterday I was compelled to email him as I was concerned for him and wanted him to know he was not alone. To my utter delight, his reply contained the following:

"The power of ONE phone call has been phenomenal, and to think I was so close to turning my phone off and being uncontactable that day. I was so dark and depressed that fateful friday. If you hadn't called on time this process would have never begun, as it was the most difficult thing to do to answer the phone. I felt compelled to answer though, and thank god I did !!!!!

Your website has proven to be a catalyst and I thank you for that. I was clearly meant to find you and your influence, although you will say its been fleeting, has been instumental in my turnaround. I actually feel like I have control over my future and its looking increasingly bright and exciting. Life today is 1000 miles from where I was and I now look forward to a new and happy life and my new adventure has only just begun. Thank you Jackie. Even though we havent met (yet!) You shall always hold a place in my heart, as you were the first person in a very long time that listened and understood where I was at, without judgement and so clearly with love and compassion. Thank you !! Talk soon, happy Daz :)"

Sometimes, one thought, one idea, one half-hour session with a Life Mentor can change your life. Daz was at the end of his rope when we conducted his Happiness Checkup He doubted that working with me for three months could help him. He would never have believed that one half-hour phone call could turn him around.

Are you nearing the end of your rope? Have you used the "lack of funds" excuse up until now? Well, maybe hiring a mentor for three sessions or three months is beyond you, but for less than a pair of shoes, would you like to be signing off your emails with "happy Daz/Dazette"?

Daz so impressed me with his display of courage and persistence - he deserves the happiest life.

Are you living the life you deserve? Can you afford NOT to do something about it?

Do you have the courage to reach out and grab it, or are you waiting for it to come knocking on your door? Schedule your happiness checkup here.

From Lucia...

The love of yourself is the most important kind of love. Know that you deserve and can have the best of life. Love yourself enough to ensure that is what you receive. You alone are responsible for the quality of your life. Love

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