Hi <>, and the warmest of welcomes to "Happy Life The JJ Way".

Just a brief newsletter this month, guys. It's all happening in my Happy Life! I'm juggling quite a few balls in the air, and the universe keeps throwing in new ones to further challenge me. Oh well, an interesting life is a happy one!

I'm moving palace in a few days. While I have loved, loved, loved living in my little palace, and will be very sad to vacate, it is time to move on to new adventures. While I could be focusing on the dreary chores of packing, cleaning, etc, I instead choose to wonder what I will love most about my Little Palace Mark 2.

What surprises will the garden yield in the coming twelve months?

Who will my delightful neighbours be? And more to the point, will they mind the free 'concerts' to which I've been treating my current neighbours (no complaints, so far!).

How much will I personally grow in the tenancy of Little Palace Mark 2?

I've illustrated two important points here, regarding your Happy Life.

1. CHOOSE your focus (and therefore your happiness level). Would you choose chores or adventure?

2. Notice the quality of the questions you ask yourself. The better the questions, the better the answers. Good answers make you feel.......that's right.....GOOD!

It's all a matter of choice.

While we in the southern hemisphere are enjoying magnificent autumn, we ARE staring winter in the face, along with it's associated ills. But more urgently, the planet is on full alert with the dreaded Swine Flu threat, so this month I share with you one of my health secrets.

Go Go Go!

You're tired.

Your packed schedule has no room for a nanna-nap, and you're dragging yourself around in a sorry state - snapping at the kids, feeling overwhelmed at the eight hours or so of chores to be completed before blessed bed-time. How will you get through the dinner, homework, bill-paying, laundry end of the day with such little energy in reserve?

To exacerbate the situation, your throat is feeling a little scratchy, and your face is itchy and irritable, as though a cold almost has you in its grasp. Great! You were so looking forward to your friend's party on the weekend. Now you may even be out of action. If only there was something you could do now to head it off at the pass......

Screen ripples and fairygodmother JJ appears, complete with magic wand....

"Never mind, child, just do as I say, and you shall go to the ball...party. (Producing large, brightly coloured bottle) Just drink this delicious-tasting juice often enough and you will feel better."

You (flashing JJ a "ya gotta be kidding me" look): Aha.

JJ: Now child, how often do you see your fairygodmother ill?

You: (thinking)

JJ: How many parties do you think JJ misses due to illness?

You: (still thinking......harder now) ummmmmmm

JJ: That's right, child. JJ NEVER misses a party! That's why her health is so important to her Happy Life - because she doesn't EVER want to miss a party. JJ keeps herself healthy at all costs. Now, drink 120mls of this juice. You will feel your energy lifting. If you find yourself thinking "I don't feel well" as we often do when being pursued by a virus, simply drink another 120ml. Continue in this manner until you feel one hundred percent again - usually by tomorrow. You cannot drink too much of this juice! It is a natural product made from the juice of the goji berry - absolutely harmless - but very powerful. JJ herself has avoided countless viruses (and so been able to attend all parties) simply by following the "I don't feel well" guidelines set out above. At times, she has consumed almost a bottle of GoChi in one day! And voila! The next day - fit as a fiddle. It works because the magic ingredient (bioactive polysaccharides) stimulate the body to produce it's OWN anti-oxidants (far more effective than any interloper antioxidants!) so increasing and balancing your immune system.

When you're feeling healthy, just drink 120mls twice per day, and you will be able to go, go, go!

To learn more about this health-giving product, or to have it delivered to your door (to most countries) click here If you live in a country other than Australia, simply click the "change location" button in the bottom right corner.

Click this health supplements link for more information.

Or contact me for specific queries regarding GoChi.

What else do your need for your Happy Life? Happy Products

Why Am I The Happiest Person I Know?

When I was given an opportunity to share my message with the world, through my first publication The Path To Success I thought it may be my only opportunity, ever. So I thought long and hard about the number one reason I am The Happiest Person I Know. If I could only share one message with the world, which would be the most important?

The answer is my contribution to The Path To Success and it is my fervent wish that you read it, take my message on board, and become The Happiest Person You Know!

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Until next month, Live Life Happy!

Jackie xxx