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Happy Life The JJ Way, Issue #53 - Get Your Glow On
August 11, 2020

Get Your Glow On

Hi, and the

warmest of welcomes to "Happy Life The JJ Way".

Don’t let the title of this ezine make you think

you’re excluded!

You might be the biggest, toughest, roughest

warrior or the meekest mouse, or anyone in

between – this subject applies to you.

I'm going to show you how to get your glow on in four easy


If you are struggling right now, no matter where you are,

who you are, or why you feel life is an uphill battle, I

have something for you.

It’s not something new, but it is powerful.

The “something” I have is an idea, tried and tested. For

you to feel its power, you need to participate. All it takes

is some time (about an hour) and application from you.

Open Your Mind

As you read on, try to open your mind to something you would

have heard of before, but possibly never tried to apply to

your life.

The great Dr Wayne Dyer - one of my co-authors in The Path to Success

urged us to have a mind that is open to everything and

attached to nothing. (The wisdom originated with the Buddhist

teacher, Tilopa.)

So please set aside your attachment to knowing what won’t

work, and open your mind enough to give this a whirl.


I live in the state of Victoria, Australia, where last week a

state of disaster was declared, due to the pandemic. Along

with the declaration came curfews and restrictions, with

which many Victorians are struggling, not to mention fear of

the virus itself and the uncertain financial future it


You may also be struggling under the same conditions, or

maybe your battle is of a totally different kind.

The cause of your unease is irrelevant.

Even if you’re not currently struggling, you will still gain

from participating in this activity. If you follow my

suggestion, your state of mind will improve enormously.


You see, Victoria is not the only state in which I reside. I

also live in a permanent state of gratitude, and this state

ensures my happy life, irrespective of external conditions.

I invite you to join me in this state, and I promise if you

can just set aside an hour or so and apply yourself, you will

find yourself experiencing a warm glow you may not have felt

for some time – if ever.

How Do I Get My Glow On?

Your glow is to be found inside your very own Thank Think


When you open up that big heavy door to your Thank Think

Tank, it might be nice to invite your partner or family to

join you, so you can all get your glow on together.

I can’t think of a better family bonding activity but if you

prefer to test it out alone first, feel free. But you want

to set aside uninterrupted time in your Thank Think Tank so

you can focus and allow the glow to build.

Even if you, like me, reside in a state of gratitude, I

promise this will still be a beautiful experience for you.

If one or more of your loved ones could do with some

uplifting it will make a huge difference to them and be all

the more rewarding for you if you are able to encourage

others to participate.

Let’s Get Down to Business

1. Round up the participants (and any equipment you may

need – read on)

2. Eliminate distractions

3. Make yourself comfortable

4. Make a list of 101 things for which you feel grateful.

It’s important to get out of your head and into your heart,

so you actually feel the gratitude as you add each

one to your list.

Examine why you’re grateful for each one.

Your glow will grow with your list and when you finish you

will be feeling like the luckiest person alive – promise.

I found it a quick and easy exercise, with glowing results.

When I conceived the idea, I wondered if it might be

difficult to reach 101 – but I could have kept going easily.

Group Glow

This could be a fun, bonding exercise limited only by your


If you are using this as a group activity and any of your

participants are reluctant, you could entice

them with rewards, e.g. an edible treat for every 10

additions and something bigger for a completed list – glow

necklaces (? – if your hubby’s a truckie then I’m sorry

you’re on your own thinking up a reward ).

If your participants are children, it is also important that

they don’t just focus on adding items to the list – a

conversation around why they feel grateful may be in order –

it’s the feelings that will bring the glow – not just

adding items to a list.

The real reward lies in the glow of gratitude they will

experience during the process, but if your participants are

children you might need to have a conversation around how

they are feeling upon completion.

Encourage your participants to keep their list and display

it somewhere prominent so their glow is always within

reach. You could encourage them to add to it regularly, or

make this a regular family/group activity.

Your Gift

If you and your loved ones regularly get your glow on, you

and they will never feel dissatisfied with life.

You will never struggle with outside conditions because your

happy life is taking place right here with me in a state of


What better gift could you present to your loved ones?

I certainly hope you accept this gift from me to you and use

it to ensure you continue to Live Life Happy!

Keep your Glow List for future reference.

Next time you’re feeling a bit low, get your glow on!

My Glow List

I’m not egotistical enough or deluded enough to think

you would have any interest in my personal Glow List – but

if you are struggling and feeling really low, it may be

that you need some inspiration to help you reach 101. (I

have had clients tell me they couldn’t think of one thing

for which they felt grateful). So I have included my list

below if you need ideas.

1. My heater

2. The internet

3. Video chat/facetime

4. My old but cosy home

5. My warm comfortable bed

6. Flannelette sheets

7. Electric blanket

8. Hot running water

9. Kettle

10. Oven

11. Electricity

12. Cooktop

13. Refrigerator

14. Freezer

15. The food in my kitchen

16. Credit card

17. Nearby supermarkets

18. Nearby chemist

19. Income

20. Bank loan

21. Warm, hand-knitted- by- Mum jumpers with love in every stitch

22. Previous income sources allowing me to buy warm, old-lady underwear

23. Kitchen utensils allowing ease of food prep

24. Separate shower

25. Bathroom heater

26. Bathroom mats

27. Cleaning products keeping my home pleasant

28. My almost-full-working-order body allowing me to clean

29. Separate toilet

30. Flushing toilet

31. Legs that easily carry me

32. Proximity to flowing river

33. Proximity to green nature and parks

34. Eyes allowing me to appreciate beauty

35. Taste buds allowing me to enjoy flavours

36. Warm coats

37. Scarves

38. Gloves

39. Hats

40. Sunglasses

41. Prescription glasses

42. Sense of smell – cooking onions, baking bread, new babies, gardenias

43. Hearing – birdsong, water flowing

44. Music

45. My wide-open view of the ever-changing Melbourne sky

46. Balcony

47. Seedlings given to me by my neighbour

48. Great neighbours

49. Wonderful friends

50. Devoted kidults

51. Caring sisters

52. Computer

53. Phone

54. Technology

55. Extension cords

56. Time at home

57. The book my daughter gave me which is changing my health and my


58. Access to a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables

59. My beautiful God-mother

60. My cousins, aunts and uncles

61. My parents

62. My Grandparents

63. My childhood

64. My sister who enables me to stay in touch with my ill mother

65. The carers who make Mum laugh

66. My car

67. The higher power who protects me

68. The experiences I have had which have deepened my spirituality

69. The wonderful experience of childbirth

70. The father of my children who had some positive qualities

71. Anyone who has ever made me laugh

72. Anyone who has ever laughed at my silly humour

73. The wonderful people in my life who make me feel loved and


74. The magnificent holidays I have experienced

75. Anyone who has ever made me feel cared for

76. The amazing experiences I have had with whales, turtles, dolphins

77. The patience of my kidults when I am relating one of my many stories

which begin before I was born

78. I was born in a beautiful city in a beautiful country

79. I was born

80. I was born to a strong woman who unknowingly taught me so much

81. I was third-born after two strong and fun sisters

82. I was born into a loud home with lots of laughter

83. I live alone

84. The sporting aspect of my childhood

85. Chocolate

86. Subscribers to my website

87. Subscribers to my newsletter

88. Clients who have expressed gratitude for my help

89. Social media

90. People who contact me to express gratitude

91. Our beautiful planet

92. Every opportunity I have had to snorkel

93. Clients who have been a pleasure to work with

94. My grandmother’s photos

95. Flowers

96. The sea

97. Healthcare workers

98. My clothes

99. Theatre

100. Books

101. Elephants

For some other ways to integrate gratitude into your life, have a look at this

Feel free to share this gift with those you would like to see living a happy life.

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