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At this time of the year, there are usually two things on the minds of most of us. With the arrival of the dreaded post Christmas credit card statements, money features heavily in our thoughts, and with St Valentines Day nearing, love is also in the air.

If money is worrying you check out our page on Happy Money

If it's love you're pining for I simply suggest you busy yourself being the best person you can be. When you're happy with yourself love will happen along in due course (as long as you're meeting new people) and there's nothing more attractive than a person who is happy in their own skin.

Whether it's love or money on your mind, you should also learn to use the Law of Attraction

I hope this month's article inspires you to examine your life, find your gardening tools, and go to work.

Gardening Tips!!

This past weekend I spent a hot Melbourne afternoon weeding my garden - a job loooong overdue. But you know what it's like - I'm very busy at work, and keeping fit, and family commitments, and then there was Christmas and a few days away, and promoting my business and ensuring I had time for fun...etc etc. I'm sure your life is much the same. While I was always aware that my garden was sorely in need of attention, it just had to wait until other priorities were dealt with. So by the time it was top of the priority list, those ol' weeds were as tall as me! I attacked the job with gusto, straining, sweating (oops! ladies perspire, don't they?) and working so hard I wore out the fingertips in my gardening gloves!

While I was straining and sweating it dawned on me that life is very much like a garden - if you don't keep an eye on it, it can soon be overrun with weeds. As is par for the course in my happy life, I received a beautiful surprise in return for my physical labour - there, underneath the mountainous weeds, I discovered a delicate maiden hair fern - thriving! Who knows what we'll find when we take the time to strip away the weeds?

How is the garden of your life looking?

Are there relationships you've outgrown, that are just weeds in your garden? Maybe they just need nurturing (make a date NOW) or some serious pruning if they're worth hanging onto (try counseling).

How about your work?

Do you find it fulfilling, expressive of some part of who you are?

If not, it may be time to pull that weed and plant the seeds of something purposeful that says "this is who I am".

Most importantly, what about YOU?

Are you the person you want to be? It won't matter how good your garden looks if you're not happy with the gardener (that's you!). You'll never be happy with most aspects of your life if you, yourself are covered in weeds.So, this is where I suggest you start your weeding.Are you living your truth, or someone else's version of it? Are you aware that you were born into this world a perfect person, and you still are? Sure, your environment may have tossed you around a bit, bent you out of shape, convinced you that you're just a weed, with no hope of ever becoming a frangipani, rose, gardenia, magnolia, iris, lily......I could go on, but you get it, don't you?

I promise when you strip away the weeds, you will be surprised at the beauty underneath. The real, authentic you is a being far more beautiful and unique than you can imagine. Promise yourself you'll find it and nurture it - no matter how overrun with weeds it may be. The thing about weeds is, they multiply - fast. The longer you let them run wild, the bigger the job to get rid of them.

If the garden of your life is overrun with weeds, where are you going to plant the roses?

We're all busy, but you don't want to come to the end of your busy life, and think, "Oops! I forgot to live the life I wanted!"

Take some time asap to examine your garden, pull the weeds, nurture the plants you wish to keep, and decide what else you would like in the garden of your life.If you don't decide, someone else will design your garden for you, and that's not being an authentic gardener, is it?

Contact me if you find you are overwhelmed with the enormity of your weed problem.

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From Lucia...

The possibility of a beautiful, fragrant, colourful garden is within every one of you. As is the possibility of a beautiful experience of life. See the possibilities for yourself; bring it into your heart and each day, move towards it. Do not deny yourself this adventure. It is there for the asking. Love

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