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The universe has been hitting me over the head with the subject of this month's article. I've been having many conversations and seem to be constantly hearing about fear from many different quarters. So here is my (and the Universe's) reassurance to you.....


How is fear effecting your life?

Is it holding you hostage on the wrong side of the door to happiness?

Or does it just niggle away at you, letting you think you're happy most of the time, until you start thinking about how your life could be if only....

Fear is an omnipotent master - or so it would have us believe.

That belief has people the world over living inauthentic lives. Fear holds them in unfulfilling jobs, relationships, LIVES!


Because it can.

Fear is the ego's number one weapon of mass obstruction! It obstructs you from leaving that dead-end job which doesn't express who you are; or that toxic relationship which has you slowly dying inside. It can obstruct you from forming a deep relationship, or turning your dreams into reality. Fear obstructs people from simply expressing who they really are. It obstructs you from FINDING who you really are.

The ego produces fear in order to maintain control over you.

Unfortunately it has found this to be a pretty successful modus operandi to date, but I have faith that the changes in consciousness sweeping the world will see the demise of the ego.

How many people do you know who are 'stuck' due to fear?

"What if I get a new job and I'm no good at it?"

"What if I leave this relationship and am alone in the world?"

"What if I form a deep relationship and get hurt?"

"What if I chase my dreams and fail?"

"What if I say something someone doesn't like?"

"What if I find myself and discover I'm awful?"

All these statements were produced by the ego to keep you paralyzed with fear.

Let me share a little secret with you.....FEAR HAS NO SUBSTANCE!

You would all know the common acronym: False Evidence Appearing Real.

In other words - smoke and mirrors.

How long are you going to let something that's not even real rule your life?

It's time to free yourself of fear and find the authentic, beautiful, unique you, you were born to be.


1. Talk about your fears (not habitually but when they are looming large) - expressing them detracts from their power.

2. If you'd rather not talk about them write them down and put them aside.

3. Fear and faith cannot live in the same heart. Explore your spiritual faith and your faith in yourself.

4. Build yourself a support network (time-consuming, but infinitely worth it!)

Next time you catch yourself acquiescing to fear - STOP! Blow away the smoke, crash through the mirrors, and you might just discover you!

P.S. You won't discover you're awful, I promise.

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From Lucia...

Take courage when presented with fear. In that courage you will find your true being. See fear not as a block, but merely as a test of your courage. Like any muscle, your courage becomes strengthened with use. As your courage is stretched and strengthened the full depth of your being is revealed. Love

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