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As part of my job of 'webmaster', I make a daily comment on someone's blog (anyone's really - if they're talking about happiness, they're fair game!). Today I found myself writing about my old warhorse - the ego. This really put me in 'the zone' so this month......well, you'll see when you keep reading!

Happy spring for all those down under!


Back in the seventies, the Australian band, The Skyhooks proclaimed "Ego is not a dirty word".

I sang along with them, not really forming an opinion regarding the lyrics of the song (I've always been a bit of a fence- sitter - but I prefer to think of myself as a "lateral thinker"!).

But now that age is doing it's darnedest to weary me and the years have condemned me to study the human condition, I have to declare that my humble opinion and that of The Skyhooks is not in alignment.

Of course, we all need our egos - otherwise hairdressers would be out of a job, the fashion industry would be non-existent, and what would females do on Saturdays?

We all need a healthy dose of self-esteem or we just wouldn't bother getting out of bed every day.

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When self-esteem is lacking, people sometimes attempt to disguise the fact by making an outward show of their worth.

Sad really. This is what I refer to as ego.

This can become out of control, often resulting in competitive behaviour, usually around materialism.

I see so much discontent in the world, largely due to the human race allowing ego to drive them. I could write a book on the subject, but the purpose of this newsletter is to get you a happy life, so what can you do if you suspect you are being held captive by your ego?

Happiness is nigh on impossible while the ego is in charge. Disengage the ego, engage the heart, and transform your life.

Easy. "How?" you ask.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Okay I'm going to be a little contradictory here, as I do believe we are all connected, one. But for the purpose of this exercise, I'm going to ask you to see yourself as an island.

YOU are the only one living your life, and it's up to YOU to do the best job possible. Who gives a flying fig if your friend is slimmer, fitter, richer, better-looking, or even has a better singing voice than you? It's really none of your business, unless you are secure enough within yourself to be genuinely happy for your friend. Neither is it any of his/her business.

What IS your business is YOUR life. How do you make yourself happy? What is important to you? How do you express your love to those closest to you? How do you treat total strangers? Your friend has faults, too. Slimmer, fitter, richer, better-looking or even a better singing voice does not make you OR YOUR FRIEND a better person than the other.

Be the best person YOU can be and then forget about yourself and get on with living.

We are all unique islands floating in a sea of humanity. All with craggy coastlines, golden beaches, hills, valleys, wastelands, swamps, mountains, forests. All different.

And that's just what can be seen. What is MORE important is the invisible. This is where the heart comes in. Heart people find joy in daily life - ego-driven people find short-lived joy in empty show.

Which would you rather be?

Are you now going to reflect on your values, or check the mirror?

Disengage the ego, engage the heart, and transform your life.

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From Lucia...

It is tempting to compare yourself with others, a natural part of the human condition. But this is also how ego remains in control. The ego wishes you to feel inferior so as to keep its deferential position. Connect with your heart, release yourself from the grip of the ego, and be in peace. Love

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