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Unless you have just joined us here at Happy Life Mentoring, you may remember a few months back, I told you my happy life had become "interesting". Well, here we are in August, and my life continues to increase in "interestingness" (did I just make up a word?). Mind you, I'm not whingeing.....it gives me stuff to write about in my newsletters! And if you are experiencing an interesting life, maybe my sharing my secrets can help you, too.

What keeps me happy and sane during these interesting times?

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If you have a sense of connection to something bigger, you will find the difficult times of your life much easier to bear.

It's like walking on a high-wire with a nice fat mattress underneath you - you know you may fall, but the landing will be bearable and not fatal. Those of you without any spiritual beliefs may also survive any falls, but your landing won't be so comfy.

I'm not suggesting spiritual/religious people don't feel any pain, we just tend to be more philosophical, and see troubles as happening for a reason (whether or not that reason is apparent to us at the time). We usually see everything as having a connectedness, so making up a bigger picture, rather than just a series of random events.

Maybe you were brought up by parents with no interest whatsoever in this side of life. I see this as a benefit in some ways, as you have had no-one else's beliefs forced upon you, and are left to your own devices to work out what suits you in the way of religion/spirituality. There is no confusion caused by being forced into a religion that suited your parents, but may not suit you, so you start with a clean slate, and only YOU decide what you wish to believe.

Those of you who have read The Path To Success already know how my connection has affected my life career-wise. There are many more stories to tell (maybe it's time I started my book!) and I see a continuous thread running through my life to this day and (hopefully) beyond where my spirituality has buoyed me in "interesting" times.

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Some of you may think I'm talking bunkum (is that how you spell it?). You have your own beliefs which suit you. Good for you!

If you're happy, I'm happy. Others may be curious, wishing to explore this whole subject. I invite you to dive in and see what feels right for you. Your local bookshop or library may be a good place to start.

You could also have a look at this page: Happy Spirit If you don't feel connected to the bigger picture now, I can promise you a happier life if you do decide to find that connection in the future.


I thought you may ask that! So after I wrote my story for The Path To Success I followed up with a little "how-to" e-booklet, "Connecting With Your Inner Weirdo", describing the five simple steps you can take to establish your own connection with your spiritual help.

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If you'd like to connect the JJ way "Connecting With Your Inner Weirdo" is a must-read. It is a brief, simple, introduction to your support team, of whose presence you may be currently unaware.

At the very least, it will give you that lovely fat mattress for soft landings.

This e-booklet is free as a companion when you purchase The Path To Success or can be purchased separately for $14.95.


For you, my loyal subscribers, this month only I make the e-booklet "Connecting With Your Inner Weirdo" available to you for just AUD$9.95 because I want you all to know the benefits and possibly life-changing consequences of being spiritually connected and happy.
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From Lucia...

We patiently await your awareness. We are always here, whether you are ready or not. All the help you need is within you, through our guidance. Just ask, and it is given. Simply open the door. Love

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When I was given an opportunity to share my message with the world, through my first publication The Path To Success I thought it may be my only opportunity, ever. So I thought long and hard about the number one reason I am The Happiest Person I Know. If I could only share one message with the world, which would be the most important?

The answer is my contribution to The Path To Success and it is my fervent wish that you read it, take my message on board, and become The Happiest Person You Know!

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