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I suppose you're wondering what "Bright Red Texta" has to do with living a Happy Life? Well, you will never leave home without yours after reading this article. Ask yourself tonight, "Did I use my bright red texta today?"

Bright Red Texta

I've just been out visiting my girlfriend.

Today is her birthday, and like me (and most other Leos) she loves to celebrate her birthday.

The celebrations have toned down over the past several years though. Where once we partied or lunched, now the day is marked more simply, with me just popping in for a quick visit with a small floral offering. We don't laugh as loudly or as long as we used to, but our shared memories still warm the heart, and spring a smile.

As I stand at her grave every year in silent communication, I fervently hope she has no regrets about her time here on earth. I hope she looks back and sees a life well-lived, four beautiful children marinated in love and bestowed with the tools for life that only the best-intentioned parent can provide.

I hope she sees her own experiences as fulfilling her allocated time here to the best of her ability. And I hope she sees the mark.

Annabel wasn't a rocket scientist, nor a socialite. The mark she left on this world may have been subtle by global standards, but it was obvious for the people whose hearts were marked by hers.

Why am I telling you this about someone you don't know?

Because when you take your last breath, I want it to be the satisfied gasp of a person who has left their mark in bright red texta all over the face of the globe! I want you to drift off for the last time safe in the knowledge that you packed every little thing that you possibly could into your existence, this time round. I want you to leave no stone unturned, no adventure unventured, no lover unloved. I want you to soar to the height, depth, and breadth your soul can reach. I want you to stretch your idea of yourself until it's unrecognizable as the person you are today. I want you to take your skin and stuff it full of experiences of every shape and kind until it's fit to burst. I want you to love until it hurts, give until you burst, and care until you curse!

This life is here to be LIVED! Play the game, and play it BIG!

The 3R's of Life

"Life is relationships - the rest is just details."

Risk, relationships, reward.

Risk rewards relationships.

Risk relationship rewards.

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Never Work A Day In Your Life

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Why Am I The Happiest Person I Know?

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The answer is my contribution to The Path To Success and it is my fervent wish that you read it, take my message on board, and become The Happiest Person You Know!

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