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My childults have both had birthdays recently, and during the celebrations, we had cause to question "Is your birthday really all about you?"

My reflections gave birth to this article:

All About You!

Birthdays are a feature of a New Year in my family, with my bubbies being born in January and February. We are very big on birthdays, lavishing the birthday boy or girl with love, attention and surprises.

I remember my daughter complaining that it wasn't fair that she had to go to school on her pre-schooler brother's birthday - she is a New Year's Day baby, so is surrounded by all her loved ones on her special day. It just didn't seem right to her that her poor brother was home with only Mum on his birthday!

I know people to whom birthdays don't mean that much - and I feel sorry that they obviously weren't lavished with the celebrations we Johns's bestow when THE DAY dawns. I remember my small children's unsurpassed excitement as my birthday approached. So beautiful was their jubilation as they piled into my bed on the big day with what seemed like hundreds of carefully wrapped gifts. My love for them was reciprocated in their eyes and high-pitched squeals of delight - not to mention the seemingly constant tug-of-war for my attention. Yes! My Children learned early the importance of celebrating one's entry onto this planet.

What day could be more important in your life than the day this life commenced? It is a celebration of BEING - which is, after all, why we're here.

And so it SHOULD be all about you! This is your day, isn't it? Soak up the love when your special day arrives this year. If you're one of those humble folk who don't enjoy attention, ensure you celebrate in your own way, remembering to be grateful for your earthly experience. Choose how YOU wish to spend the day, and with whom. As your big day approaches, think back to the day it all started (no, not THAT far back - I mean the day you were born!).

How much do you know about the day you were born?

Who else was there?


Unless you are a parent, you are totally oblivious to the importance of your birthday to your Mum. You know you weren't there alone, making your way into this world. Regardless of whether you were born in a barn or a five star hospital - your mother was there - doing her bit. And whether or not your biological mother is the person who brought you up - your birthday is still the most important date in her calendar.

Her life changed irrevocably the day you came into it.

You may even think your Mum didn't do such a good job raising you - but rest assured - she did the best she could with the information available to her at the time. Your Mum loved you before you were born and her love will continue after her physical body gives up.

The love of your mother made your entry into this world possible. She celebrated your day with you as long as you allowed her.

Yes - your birthday IS all about you.

But this year reflect on how important your day is to your mother. It is a special day, just between the two of you. Why not make some time this year to have some alone time with your Mum on your birthday?

Relationships are such an important part of your happy life. The closer your relationships, the happier you are. Acknowledge that it wasn't just about you all those years ago.

You and your Mum have a special bond which cannot be replaced - celebrate it while you can.

From Lucia...

There should be much made of the anniversary of the day of your arrival on earth, just as the other side rejoice in your returning to them when that day comes. Both are momentous days in your continuing evolution - chapters opening, doors closing. Yes, mark these anniversaries well and celebrate with loved ones. Love

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