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Happy Life The JJ Way, Issue #54 - 20 Simple Ways to Escape
October 01, 2020

20 Simple Ways to Escape

Hi, and the

warmest of welcomes to "Happy Life The JJ Way".

Before I tell you about this newsletter, I want to

remind you of the last one, Get Your Glow On - find

it here Back Issues for Happy Life The JJ Way

I hope you used my idea to lift yourself out of the doldrums, shared it,

and filed it somewhere safe for future use.

If you assumed from the title it was about exercise you might want to put

your assumption aside and have another look.

Try it for yourself and if it doesn't make you glow please let me know.

This month we revisit a subject I wrote about years ago, but this time I've

included Covid-specific solutions to break you out of your lockdown



Last week it was my pleasure to be a guest on radio 88.6 Plenty Valley’s

"Inspiring People" series.

While the host, Jim Enright and I had a lovely chat about life, happiness

etc., it became very clear that young Jim had done his homework! He was

quite taken with a newsletter I had written many moons ago, titled "F-Word

Holding You Prisoner?" find it here: Back Issues for Happy Life The JJ Way

which led to a discussion about familiarity and the effect it can have

on us humans.

Please feel free to cast your mind back using the above link if you were

a Happy Lifer back then – or even if you weren’t.

While you satisfy your curiosity, please forgive me for expanding on that

very subject.

Our Mission

You see, we humans were built to grow – that’s why we were born itsy


Our mission is expansion – of our minds, bodies and souls.

It’s pretty basic to grow a human body; just feed them, keep them

sheltered and give them someone to love.

But to keep the mind and soul of a human growing is a little more complex.

One of the basic human needs is variety.

The human mind and soul need a variety of experiences in order to keep

growing. They need to keep learning to keep growing.

When we do something for the first time, new neural pathways are formed

in the brain, keeping the brain healthy and growing. Each time we repeat

or practice that new behaviour the neural pathways are strengthened.

It is therefore very important for the health of the brain that we keep

learning/having new experiences.

The paradox here is that we humans love the familiar!

Some of us are so uncomfortable with the unfamiliar we flatly refuse to

participate. We reach a certain level of growth and think, “That’s it. I’ve

made it. I’m a full-grown adult with a job and a partner. That’s me done,”

and so in some cases expansion stops.

Life becomes a series of familiar episodes involving familiar people, places

and things. Human is content in his comfort zone…for a while. Trouble is, no

growth takes place in the comfort zone and what were we humans built to


To grow.

Scenario 1

Gradually human finds he’s not as happy as he thinks he should be. Maybe

it’s his relationship causing discontent.

Maybe it’s his job.

Maybe he ditches one or both in favour of shiny new models.

Maybe after the shine starts to fade he finds himself longing for the familiar

old model. Maybe he starts to feel regret. Maybe there was nothing wrong

with his old relationship or job after all. Maybe he hadn’t realized that the

familiarity of his comfort zone was keeping him prisoner. Maybe if he had

stretched his comfort zone in lots of different, even smaller ways, he

wouldn’t have had to take such big steps out of it which he now regrets.

Maybe if he had kept on growing, and growing his comfort zone as well, he

would be happily expanding his mind and soul with no regrets in the old

relationship or job.

Scenario 2

Another scenario in which familiarity can keep you prisoner is in the

unhealthy relationship. If you find it can’t be mended and eventually find a

way out, chances are if your next relationship is healthy you will be

uncomfortable because unhealthy is familiar to you! People have been

known to enter a succession of unhealthy relationships simply because

they are unaware that familiarity is holding them prisoner.


Given the previous two scenarios, are you starting to see the value in

becoming comfortable with unfamiliarity?

Growth is fun, stimulating, exciting and what we’re here for!

"How can I grow in lockdown?" I hear you ask.

Well, during Covid19 it can be challenging to try new things and meet new

people, as I suggested in F-word Holding You Prisoner...

20 Simple Ways to Escape here are 20 simple ways to escape the shackles of the familiar

and get used to the unfamiliar, even while living through Groundhog Day!:

1. Sleep on the other side of the bed.

2. Sleep in a different room.

3. Brush your teeth with the other hand.

4. Sit in a different spot on the sofa or a different chair.

5. Try a food you’ve never tried before.

6. Try a new cuisine.

7. Learn a new skill from someone you live with.

8. Take an online course or lesson just for fun.

9. Scrunch or fold – whichever you don’t normally.

10. Learn to use chopsticks if you don’t already.

11. Explore your inner world – meditate.

12. Join an online interest group.

13. Learn to play a musical instrument.

14. Learn a language.

15. Grow a plant.

16. Start a veggie garden.

17. Examine your style – does it express you?

18. Research a new hobby ready for lockdown ending.

19. Look up an old friend on social media or call them and renew that bond.

20. Listen to a new type of music – classical is very good for the brain.

Try some of these suggestions and you'll realize that the unfamiliar is not

so scary – in fact, it makes you feel great to be doing something new.

You can start with something small and build up to something you once

would never have tried.

Remember to keep trying new things when life returns to normal – you

don’t ever want to be a prisoner of the F-word again.

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