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Hi and welcome to your Happy Life site.  Thanks for dropping in.

Curl up in your most comfy chair with a cuppa and take a load off

your feet while you take a load off your mind. 

Let’s have a chat about you and your life and how we will help you

Live Life Happy!

Imagine feeling peaceful, happy and calm.  Surrounded by the love

and respect of your friends and family, you live an empowered,

happy life.  That’s all you really want, isn’t it? 

You have come to the right place. I’m Jackie/Jacqueline/JJ, your

Happy Life Mentor and genuine happy person and I want to share

with you ALL (yes – there are more than one) my secrets to a

Happy Life - secrets I have discovered myself and taught others as

they  sought and found their happy place.  Everyone has one – even

you – even if you are feeling downright miserable right now.

promise there is a happy place with your name on it and (by

George!) if you really want to find it, I am committed to fishing out

my giant magnifying glass and helping you hunt high and low until

you are safely (and happily) installed.

If you’re in a hurry, subscribe to the site (left) or our regular

newsletter to ensure your happy life stays front of mind and now

that you have finally found us, you don't lose us.

In my years of mentoring, I have encountered people who thought a

happy life was impossible for them. They didn't realize that

sometimes a tweak here and a twist there is all that is necessary.

Anyone can be happy if they have the desire and are willing to apply

the energy required.

Sometimes it's just a matter of finding the right person to listen as

you vent and then uplift you and send you back out into the world

feeling as good as new. Other times your listener might provide a

new perspective from which you can see the world afresh.

It really can be that simple a journey from unhappy to happy. 

This is not your average Life Coaching site and the information you

will find didn’t come from text books, but from real life experience.  

We walk our talk.

Feel free to mosey around, poking, prodding and perusing to your

heart’s content.

I hope you brought your sense of humor with you, because even

though I'm deadly serious about your happy life, my approach is

rather lighthearted (there is always something to laugh


So if you left yours in your hankie drawer I'll wait here

while you retrieve it...*drums fingers* can't possibly achieve a

happy life without a fully functioning sense of humor.

Got it? Great! Don't worry if it hasn't been used for years. You may

even think you've forgotten how to use it, but even if it's seized up

from non-use, together we'll soon get it moving again.

Shake the dust off it and let's continue.


You will find heaps of information on how to turn your frown upside

down by clicking the buttons on the left.  

We strongly suggest you begin with “Happy You”, because nothing

outside of you can make you happy if your insides are sad. 

When you apply all the information on this site to your own life, you

will find yourself living a happy life in your very own happy place.

You will wonder why you waited so long to find us and our valuable

happy life information.

Of course, feel free to contact us with any questions or if you would

benefit from some information we are yet to publish.

Don’t waste one more minute living a dis-empowered, unhappy,

unfulfilled life. 

Your happy place is here within our pages awaiting your discovery.

 Here are the keys.    

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